Review for Souvenirs of the Revolution by A M Montes de Oca by Liz Michael:
In Souvenirs of the Revolution, AM Montes de Oca creates a cinematic story rooted in the timeless phrase, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Beginning in Mexico’s glorious past and ending in a time that casts off faith, love and the mystical like an old pair of socks, she crafts a story that is believably unbelievable. This story appeals not only to today’s readers, but also to those of earlier generations, which is remarkable for a first novel. I highly recommend this book.

Reviews for Bird and Butterfly by Amanda Stanford and Kitty Van Oosten by Amazon users:
By janet on January 30, 2014
My granddaughter Evelyn loves to read Bird and Butterfly. The book first introduces words to read and learn, and then follows up with art on next page – beautifully drawn illustrations. Evelyn is able to focus on the story, learns new words, then enjoys the art, and makes her own inferences therefore enjoying the best of both worlds: literature and art! A joy. I love this book! Looking forward to the new book: The Hugging Sea!
What a great little book!

By E. Canela on January 14, 2014
I bought this book (and The Kissing Tree by the same author) for my 4 year old niece. She loves Bird and Butterfly! The aim of the book is to help young children read and I think the way the text is set out is really helpful. Large text that goes across both pages, followed by some of the most vividly stunning illustrations I’ve come across in a children’s book. It’s a short story, but one that my niece goes back to time and time again. My niece and I highly recommend this book.

Reviews for The Kissing Tree by Amanda Stanford and Gemma Stuart by Amazon users:

By jeff (OCA) moody on November 4, 2013
I love how the words on a different page rather than on the same page. This means that the child is actually reading. Some of the art is abstract, which I love.

Good Book for small readers
By M.M. on January 11, 2014
I purchased this book for Christmas for my granddaughter (almost 2) and several other children on our list. The graphics are amazing and colorful. The text is separate from the pictures so the child concentrates on the words when reading and then the picture after the words. The text is large so its easy for a small child to understand the concept of the words when first learning words and letters, yet its simple enough for them to feel they read the book. It’s perfect for a child from age 1-5 in my opinion. I hope this author keeps writing.

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