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Souvenirs of the Revolution by A M Montes de Oca

Historical fiction / Literary fiction / Latina fiction:

Strong female characters. A story about survival, saints, sinners, and revolution.

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Described by author Fay Weldon as “vivid, lively and accomplished”, Souvenirs of the Revolution is a telenovela-like family saga novel set during the Mexican Revolution of 1910.

Betrayal, deviance, rigid morality and a fatal subservience to moral correctness drives the Montelejos clan. Complex and self-serving, innocent and deluded, larger than life, an illustrious family line in its final decline.

Mariabella Montelejos, who tries to sell her only daughter for the price of a new carriage during the bloodiest part of the Revolution. Her daughter, Portensia Montelejos, who leaves her mother’s body to rot in the front room after her house is taken at the point of a gun. Gloria Vasquez, celebrated beauty, practicing witch, and tormentor of her step-sister, Teresa: ill, gullible, naive, awoken to her destiny by the surreal birth of her daughter. Paulina, a child who once communed with the holy, made an empty vessel by the abuse of her father – and revered as a living saint as she lies dying in a Pueblano convent.

The men of the family, weak and susceptible to the mandates of their dying class, are no match for the forces of such women. Evil abuser Ebner Collins, paralyzed by a jealous man’s bullet in the middle of the Sinai. Hernando Vasquez, cowed into marriage by the longing for his dead wife, Evelyn Cuthbert. Guiermo Fuentes de Solis, cuckolded husband. Jaime Vasquez, who hears voices and lives at the bottom of a bottle, unable to save his cousin Paulina.

The Revolution is the beginning of the end for Montelejos, and the miraculous will be its undoing.

Review for Souvenirs of the Revolution by A M Montes de Oca by Liz Michael:
In Souvenirs of the Revolution, AM Montes de Oca creates a cinematic story rooted in the timeless phrase, “There is nothing new under the sun.” Beginning in Mexico’s glorious past and ending in a time that casts off faith, love and the mystical like an old pair of socks, she crafts a story that is believably unbelievable. This story appeals not only to today’s readers, but also to those of earlier generations, which is remarkable for a first novel. I highly recommend this book.

A M Montes de Oca was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and educated in Edinburgh, Scotland.  This is her debut novel.

Cover art by Kitty Van Oosten and Lisa Shapiro.


Joyas de la Revolucion (Spanish edition) by A M Montes de Oca

Traducido por Maria Moody

Kitty cover JdelaR blue

Buscando un libro en Espanol?  El cuento de la familia Montelejos tiene todo!

“Al fin, Portensia no temería otra vez por los futuros pretendientes que vendrían ó no, de la manera como lo hicieron con Mariabella. Ella escuchó como el sacerdote cantaba letanías litúrgicas que no tenían sentido, y sentada en su silla que se encontraba en el cuarto de piedra, que tenía el techo alto, se sintió segura, ya que ella había acumulado exactamente, seiscientas treinta y dos monedas de oro que estaba brillante, más trescientas cincuenta y nueve brillosas monedas de plata, y los rubíes, diamantes, zafiros, y jade en el corte favorito de su mamá: el corazón. Su carruaje personal esperándola en la casa del metalurgo la llevaría en una jornada hacia el sur y habiendo contado y recontado, Portensia sabía que nadie jamás le volvería a preguntar y esperar por la respuesta correcta otra vez. Nadie nunca más le preguntaría: ¿“Me amas?” y golpearle la cara si decía la verdad: “No. No te amo.” ” —

— Asi empieza la gran historia de la familia Montelejos – Portenisa, Mariabella, Gloria y Teresa. En este primera parte, seguimos la familia durante la Revolucion de 1910, durante el final de la vida que reconocen.

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