Animal Hugs: A Waverley Story Book for Children. Illustrated by Jenny Moodie

Where does love live? Under ground, up trees, and between you and me. Share this sweetly illustrated storybook with your wee one. Perfect for a bedtime cuddle and talking about animals and their habitats.

A lovely story to share with your little reader.

About the author:

Dr. Amanda Stanford earned her PhD in English Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh. She has taught writing and English classes in the USA, Mexico, Japan, and Egypt. She also writes historical fiction under the pen name A M Montes de Oca.

About the illustrator:

Jenny Moodie is a self taught artist/illustrator, who has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Jenny has a degree in multi-disciplinary design from Edinburgh Napier University. She currently splits her time creating artworks and wire jewellery to sell at local fairs and exhibitions and works in the events design and production industry. She creates her artworks using a simple graphite pencil and colours them with digital overlays.

A little background about The Waverley Storybook Series:

As a writer and the mother of a small child who loves reading, I wanted a storybook series that would build upon the lessons my daughter had already learned, but I couldn’t find storybooks that completely separated the words of the story from the illustrations! So I wrote my own, and several artist friends graciously lent their professional talents.

The storybooks we have created have simple words that stand alone in very large text, which encourages beginning learners to focus on the words of the story before appreciating the pictures of the story’s adventures. The illustrations tell sweet, imaginative stories that really draw children in, and the simple language and rhythm encourages them to follow along.

Moving from lap reading to independent reading is a source of great pride for many beginning readers. I hope you and your little one enjoys these books as much as mine did.

-Dr. Amanda Stanford


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