Six Years of Impertinant Behavour: Eight Stories About Travel

A short story collection in our Etsy shop and on Amazon!  Eight short stories from international writer A M Montes de Oca about the trials and tribulations of being young and on the road.

Six Years of Impertinent Behaviour - a Short Story Collection

Six Years of Impertinent Behaviour – a Short Story Collection

Exerpt from The Back Room:

The officer comes back, adjusts his automatic machine gun at his side, and crosses his arms sternly.  From his great height he looks down at me; I brace myself for a lecture.

“This is a problem, my supervisor agrees,” he says quietly and pauses.  “You tell me what we’re going to do.  What are we going to do?”  He leans toward me and I look into his eyes: they are as black as mine.  I look at his clean cut face, his brown leather skin—oiled and unlined—his perfectly cut hair, the color of a raven; the same color as my mother’s before hers turned grey.

For only one moment I don’t know what he wants.  In that moment I forget myself.  My thoughts float, nebulous, my synapses cannot connect—they only see the machine gun strapped to his side, his polished boots, his bottomless pupils—and then my mind sees the magician behind the curtain.  The officer wants a bribe.

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