The Kissing Tree: A Waverley Story Book for Children. Illustrated by Gemma Stuart

title page the kissing tree

New from Scottish illustrator Gemma Stuart! Looking for something for that special wee one in your life?  Our children’s story book, The Kissing Tree: A Waverley Story Book for Children includes large text shown separately from the sweetly crafted illustrations.  Research has proven time and time again that reading with your small children helps them build skills.  Help your wee reader focus on the text, learn easy sight words, hear language rhythm, and soak in visuals with leisure.

About the illustrator:

Gemma Stuart grew up near the sea in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She has a degree in Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art and currently enjoys illustrating her own short stories.  She participates in several local events, where she sells her art directly to the art-loving public.

About the author:

Dr. Amanda Stanford earned her PhD in English Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh.  She has taught writing and English classes for seven years in the US, Mexico, Japan, and Egypt. 

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